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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

Due to the smoke outside we stayed inside for play, the children loved choosing activities of interest to explore today. We have been enjoying transport activities, today we did puzzles, pieced together a train track, raced the cars and named the colours of cars we could see outside. We also have so much fun at our dinosaur table with our natural environment bits and bobs, we also make dinosaur noises. At the table today we went fishing, using magnetic fishing rods and sea animals we had to coordinate the magnets connecting, and  we role played in home corner with the babies. As a group we read a book, sung nursery rhymes for national nursery rhymes week and finished up practising threading.

For morning tea today we had peachy yoghurt cups with crunchy granola and fresh fruit. Lunch was yummy sweet potato, lentil and spinach sausage rolls with salad bar and for afternoon tea we will have healthy salted caramel polenta slice.

Thankyou friends for a lovely start to the week.
Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia