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Hello families, welcome to Monday in Babies 3,

Today we welcomed Isla, Winston, Valencia, Matthew, Jhye, Parker, Theo, and Bella with lots of snuggly cuddles. Our friends looked so adorable in their Pj’s. Miss Mel and Miss Otavia were dressed in their pj’s too.

Bella was so excited to show miss Mel her slippers, holding the slippers up high. Jyhe arrived and was matching Miss Mel. Mel was wearing Mini Mouse Pj’s and Jhye had the cutest mickey mouse one on. Isla arrived wearing Paw Patrol Pj’s looking adorable. Parker came over to give her friend lots of good morning cuddles, Parker looking cute as a button in a matching tracksuit. Matthew brought his favourite teddy to Pj day. Winston also had a cute tracksuit on to celebrate Pj day. Valencia was in her Peter alexander pyjamas looking so cosy and cuddly. We all looked so adorable, snuggly, and warm!!

We happily explored the room. Isla and Jhye played ball together, Parker found a rainbow book and brought it over to Mel where she pointed to the different colours as Mel named them. Bella was playing with the blocks, holding onto them as she explored the room. Winston was bringing different items he picked up over to show Mel. Miss Otavia sat and read a story with Bella, Winston, and Olive from Babies 2.

Today to celebrate Pj Day Miss Mel planned a fun day outside. We were eating all our meals outside and sleeping outside too. We were all extremely excited for the change in environment as Miss Otavia and Miss Shae moved the table and chairs outside. Today we enjoyed Coconut Banana Spilt.

While their educators set up todays activity our friends explored their outside environment. Parker and Theo took turns on the slide and Theo was multitasking, holding onto the yellow ball while rocking back and forth on the see saw. Matthew arrived and had a turn on the see saw. He then sat quietly looking through the dinosaur sensory book. Parker then headed over to the donkey and began bouncing up and down. Bella was giggling and laughing as she crawled through the tunnel. Winston loved riding the bikes and using the muscles in his legs to pull up and over the wooden bridge. Isla was playing with the hula hoops while Jhye was pushing the tractors around the yard. Valencia was a social butterfly exploring the yard with all her friends.

It was time for yoga, we were all so excited when we saw our yoga instructor walk through the sliding door. We all sat together on the mat, today Babie’s 2 joined in too. Today we all had a turn of the meditation drum, banging away sharing smiles with each other. We also practiced our breathing and stretching techniques together.

To celebrate Pyjama Day Mel had a collage activity planned. Using coloured patties, curling ribbon, shapes and assorted textured paper. We all sat outside at the table together. Matthew loved feeling all the different textures of each material, rubbing it between his finger and thumb. Parker called the paper “toilet paper” Valencia repeated Parker as she named all the different colours she could see. Bella only wanted the rainbow ribbon on her Pj’s however she did enjoy rolling the blue crepe paper between her hands she just did not want it stuck to her Pj’s. Theo loved getting his hands full of different patty papers and rolling the streamers. Jhye only wanted to glue but with encouragement from his educators he began sticking the assorted paper to his Pj’s. He enjoyed it so much he did not want to leave the table once the activity was finished. Isla loved playing with the rainbow ribbon. Winston loved the experience, he kept investigating his sticky fingers. He was intrigued with how they stuck together.

After we were all cleaned up, we all sat on the mat together for group time. We sung a few of our favourite songs including “Sleeping Bunnies” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” doing all the actions together.

We then settled back on the mat for story time. Miss Shae read” Never touch a grumpy bunny”. We all demonstrated our best listen and concentration skills as Miss Shae continued to read. At the end of the story, we all took turns touching the different textures throughout the book. When it came to the page with the carrot Winston yelled “carrot!!”.

After everyone had a touch and feel Parker held up the rainbow book. Miss Shae asked Parker if she would like Miss Shae to read the story. Parker smiled. Miss Shae read the story to the class. It was then time to sit at the table for our delicious lunch. Today we enjoyed sweet potato, lentil and spinach sausage rolls.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress while soaking up the fresh air outside to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play will be child led. We will continue exploring our outside environment. If its too cold, we will head back inside.

What a wonderful Pj day we have had together!! Thank you babies for an amazing start to our week.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda, Miss Otavia and Miss Shae xxxxxx