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Happy Monday Dear Families from Babies Three room!

In the morning Poppy, Millie, Lincoln and Orion enjoyed water play moving killer whale, dolphin and shark through the water, splashing and giggling they had so much fun. Poppy was saying “swim, swim shark, fast, fast killer wale is coming”. They all end up wet from splashing the water that we quickly need to change clothes. Last couple of weeks all children love to play with sea animals and today we decided to take them outside and enjoy water play on very sunny morning.

At our group time we played with soft food toys, we continued to talk about every day food and sometimes food. Poppy and Millie took small baskets and they choose all every day food and put in their baskets. Orion took eggplant saying something sounds like he was asking “what is this” we said “it is eggplant” Orion shake his head, he knew now what it is. Lincoln took watermelon and put in his basket, he continued to fill his basket with more fruit and vegetables. Last week we were talking about every day food and sometimes food and Poppy start to talk about it as soon as we started to play with soft food toys.

We had a lovely day!

Love Miss Jelena xx