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Hello families, welcome to Monday’s in Babies 3,

This morning we welcomed Isla, Valencia, Matthew, Bella, Franka, Jhye and Shayaan with lots of cuddles as they settled into their learning environment. Today Winston began his day over in Toddlers 1 and we welcomed Shayaan and Franka for fun water play transition day! Shayaan and Franka are settling into their new learning environment so well. We are very proud of them both.

Our morning began in our yard, Bella found a mirror and began looking at her reflection and pulling faces. Isla and Jhye soon joined, smiling, and making funny faces in the mirror. Jhye and Theo enjoyed mowing the lawn and kicking the balls around the yard.  Miss Mel and Jhye played a game of peek a boo, sharing lots of giggles together, Isla and Bella joined in too. We all enjoyed some time in the sandpit too, digging and scooping up the sand, Isla sat for some time with a sieve cup, watching the sand trickle back into the sandpit. Bella had a red bucket in each arm and began walking around the yard, she practiced her balancing skills too as she walked along the bridge holding onto the buckets. Jhye and Shayaan also did some climbing up and over the wooden arch. We were having lots of fun, however it was time for morning tea. We all sat together by the door to sing our transition song ‘Bee, bee bumble bee”. As we said or tried our very best to say our names, we stood up one at a time to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea. Today we had Strawberry crostini with whipped vegan.

After morning tea, we enjoyed some free play while Miss Mel was setting up a fun activity outside. Jhye has been loving his reflection this morning he thought it was hilarious to run up and pull faces at himself. Isla, Bella and Jhye spent time in home corner, cooking and talking to their mummies on the phone. Bella held the egg carton up to Mel, indication for Mel to open, they all began using their imaginations with the eggs in the kitchen. Theo sat with the spinning toy, with lots of encouragement from Mel Theo used his concentration and hand/eye coordination to carefully place the discs through the top. Well done Theo you did it, it just took some practice. You were very proud of yourself too. Jhye and Valencia were making tall towers together using the stackable cubes, Bella would then run over and knock it down. Isla is loving fine motor toys lately. This morning Isla sat and placed all the rings onto the ring stacker, once they were all on she took them off and did it all over again.

This week to help our new friends feel safe secure and supported we planned a fun week of water play activities. Today Miss Mel filled our sensory trays with water, adding a touch of red food colouring in a few of them. The alphabet letters, scoops, spoons, sieve cups, funnels, and a watering can for our friends to explore. We were all very excited as we had been watching Mel set up the activity through the window. We all put our sunscreen and hats on and out we raced, splashing scooping, and pouring water from one resource to another we all had so much fun. It was such a beautiful warm day outside too. Franka joined us during the activity too, she had a little play however she was happier exploring the yard. Miss Mel and Miss Otavia named each letter as our babies picked them up and we all sung or danced along to the alphabet song while we splashed about. Incorporating water play into your child’s activities is a great way to have fun. Playing with water helps develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. Splashing about in water and pouring, has a huge impact on your child’s hand-eye coordination.

Sitting on the mat outside Miss Otavia sat with our friends to sing our transition song “bumble bee” s to take turns meeting Miss Mel in the bathroom where she was waiting to assist us while washing our hands. We then walked over and sat at the table for our yummy lunch with Rainbow noodle Buddha bowl. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep with some soft relaxing music. For afternoon tea we had Chocolate beetroot brownies and our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences.

As the warmer weather is here, we thought we would enjoy some fun water-based activities this week. Could you please make sure you have a few changes of clothes in their bags! Thank you 😊

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia xxxxx