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Good afternoon Families and Friends, welcome to Babies 3 room!

We started our beautiful morning playing inside the room on children’s interests. Rosie and Indi played in the home corner with dolls house and dolls, while Edward and Jackson played with dinosaurs pretending to feed them. Soon after they all mowed to the other corner where they all played together with wooden coloured blocks, making the houses and towers and then knocking them down.

The children also run outdoors to play with bikes and to play in the sand pit. Outdoors was very hot and we couldn’t stay for long and we decided to come inside and make cup cakes for Rosie’s birthday which was on last Friday. The children were so exited to see a big silver bowl and big spoon with all other ingredients, they were curios what is going on, but as soon as we started to make cup cakes they were ready to stir the mixer, add milk, butter and to crack two eggs. Each child had a turn to stir the mixer and experienced how to manipulate large bowl and large spoon, learning how to make cup cakes. When the mixer was very smooth we put mixer in the trey and they are ready to bake, we will have cup cakes in the afternoon.

Last Saturday 19th September was a Thank a Police Officer Day and we have two children who parents are Police Officers and they will come to visit our room as a Police Officer to talk about their jobs. Today children had dress up play using Police Officers jackets, this week we will learn more about Police.

We enjoyed our beautiful Monday!

Love Miss Talia & Miss Jena xx