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Hello families, hoping you all had an amazing weekend. Welcome to our day.

Today we welcomed Winston, Isla, Bella, Jhye, Theo, Matthew, and Valencia with big cuddles as they settled into their learning environment, this week we are celebrating all things books as we explore book week. The musical instruments were popular.

This morning Isla was dressed up as Old Macdonald, bringing the story “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” to share with all her friends. Bella was the cutest Hungry Caterpillar we ever did see, dressed up in her onesie and Miss Mel was dressed up as a Tiger from the story “Play hide and seek with Tiger”.

Our morning began over in Babies 1 as we waited for all our friends to arrive. Once most of our friends were here, we headed over to our yard where we were met with a big surprise. It was Alice in Wonderland!!! She looked so beautiful; all our babies were in awe. Alice brought a basket with her with a variety of musical instruments we could shake along to as Alice sung and blew bubbles. We also played with the roses Alice handed out to all her friends. We had so much fun dancing and shaking, dancing along to the music and chasing the bubbles. Alice also showed us her book called “Alice in Wonderland” we all looked through the pages together,

Once we said goodbye to Alice, we enjoyed exploring our outside environment. Isla, Winston Matthew, Bella and Valencia were enjoying digging and scooping up the sand in the sandpit. Jhye sat quietly in book corner looking threw books of choice. He soon joined his friend Theo over on the slippery dip. They took turns going up and down and later knocking the soft blocks over together.

We always love Yoga, practicing our breathing and movement techniques. Today we did some climbing too. Up and over the wooden bridge. Our Yoga teach included some colourful scarfs that were fun to play with too. We thought it was hilarious placing them on our heads. IT was then time for morning tea. We all sung “Bee, bee bumble bee and met Miss Lara in the bathroom to assist us washing our hands for morning tea. Today we enjoyed  blueberry quinoa breakfast bar and fresh fruit.

To celebrate book week Miss Melinda brought in the story of one of our favourite nursery rhymes  “Incy Wincy Spider”, a spider web, and a spider mask. We all sat on the mat with our friends from Babies 2 and used our very best listening and concentration skills as Miss Hansani began to read wearing the very funny spider mask. Our little friends were fascinated with the spider make, once the story was finished, we all had a turn of wearing it and touching the texture of the spider web. Some of us a little unsure about the unusual texture of the web and it sticking to our fingers.

For group time today we read the books our friends brought in.  Bella’s book was called “A Very Hungry Caterpillar” with a few funny props Miss Otavia began to read the story to her friends. They were laughing at Miss Lias who was jumping around in the background holding our hungry caterpillar mat. We all enjoyed the story and took turns of having a closer look at all the yummy things the Hungry Caterpillar ate through. Winston said, “ice cream” and Bella yelled “watermelon” when Miss Otavia asked her friends what they could see. We all shouted “butterfly” when Miss Otavia turned the page to a beautiful colourful butterfly. Yes, that’s right friends, he turned into a beautiful, colourful butterfly.

It was time to read Isla’s book. Isla came as Old MacDonald today, So very cute Isla!! Miss Mel sat down with her friends and began to read “Old Macdonald Had a Farm” We just love making the animal noises. Each time Mel turned the page we all made the animal noise together. There was a horse, sheep, duck, cow, pig, goat, hen and don’t forget Old Macdonald’s tractor!!! We have had so much fun today dressing up and reading some of our favourite stories!!

It was time to clean up for lunch and rest time. Once again we sung the name recognition song “Bee, bee bumble bee” once we said or did our best at saying our names we took turns washing our hands and sitting down ready for lunch. Today ate Mac and Cheese and yummy salad.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music

Our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences.

Book Week – We would love to see our babies dressed up as their favourite book characters this week!!!

theme: around the world is about bringing children and books together across Australia.  It’s a fun week of dress-ups, activities, and all things books. The children are invited to come dressed as their favourite book characters throughout the week.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss xxxxxxxx