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Welcome back to a new week babies 3 families,

Happy Monday!

This morning we had lots of fun with a choice of indoor and outdoor play. Inside Orion loved sitting down reading the hungry caterpillar book, Ruby enjoyed being in the kitchen area and playing with the puzzles. Rosie had big cuddles to settle and then went straight to the cars. Indi ventured outside to the cow bikes and Millie and Abel laughed as they crawled through the tunnel.

Then we sat at the table nicely for morning tea. Today was yummy fresh fruit and cake.

After morning tea we all went outside to explore. Some friends enjoyed the sandpit while others rode the bikes and pushed the lawn mowers. We also put on some sunscreen and found our hats and went to the big open yard to climb on the obstacles. This was great fun!

We then went inside for a big drink of water, washing our hands and then sitting at the table for lunch. Today we had yummy chicken nuggets and roast veggies.

After lunch as they finished they went to lay on their beds for rest time.

This afternoon we will enjoy afternoon tea and a big afternoon play before home time.

Thanks for a wonderful day in babies 3 today!

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia