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Hello Families, we hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Welcome to Monday in Babie’s 3,

Today we welcomed Winston, Parker, Theo, Bella, Isla, Jhye, Matthew and Valencia with warm cuddles as they settled into their learning environment.

Our babies looked so cute with their crazy hair this morning. Miss Mel brought in some coloured hair spray. Our friends watched as Mel sprayed Miss Otavia’s hair using the colours orange and red. Theo, Matthew, Parker, Isla and Jhye also wanted a little in their hair, checking themselves out in the mirror, admiring their coloured hair in their reflections.

There was lots of role playing this morning. Jyhe picked up the fireman’s dress up and held it up to Mel, indicating he wanted Mel to help him put it on. #What a gorgeous fireman you make Jhye!!! Winston was engaged with the Dr’s bag, pulling the stethoscope out and up to his ears Mel asked Winston if he was a Dr, he looked at Mel with a big smile. Theo and Isla also played with the Drs Stethoscope, taking turns as Mel showed them to hold it up to their ears. Parker was over in home corner making a phone call, chatting away on the phone. Miss Otavia asked Parker who she was chatting to. Parker replied “mummy” Winston also spent time putting the baby in and out of the highchair and giving the baby some breakfast. Theo tipped all the fruit and vegetables into the sink.

Bella, Theo and Jhye were over at the puzzle table, using the trial-and-error method and their concentration to place the animals and dinosaurs into the correct spaces, with Mel’s encouragement Jhye and Theo manipulated each piece to fit. As Bella was playing, we made the animals sounds together.

Extending from our babies’ interest (12/7/21) Mel planned a fun dress up day outside with Babies 2. We set up all the dress up clothes outside on racks for our friends to choose what they wanted to wear.

We were all so excited, rushing out the door to look through all the clothes, hats, headbands, bags and more!! Winston was excitedly pulling everything off the rack until he came across a blue hat with a yellow flower on it, he popped it straight on his head and looked at Mel with a cheeky smile. Theo wanted the workman’s vest on for a while he then brought the superhero cape over to Mel…he was super Theo!! Parker found a pink princess dress she liked and a pink headband to match.

Jhye was still loving his fireman’s outfit and didn’t want to change. It was so cute watching him push the fire engine around the yard to…Fireman Jhye off to put out fires!! Valencia wore a pretty tutu and wrapped the feather bower around herself. Oh, so pretty Valencia, it looked amazing with your flower in your hair for crazy hair day. Matthew also chose the workers vest, he then popped the bunny ears on his head too, looking so cute Matthew!! Later Matthew turned into a tiger!!

Parker put on the pink superhero cape and began flying around the yard. With Mel’s help Isla looked gorgeous in a pretty red dress, she picked the feather bower up but wasn’t sure about the texture of the feather’s and quickly tossed it aside. Theo also became a fire man just like his friend Jhye. Bella wasn’t very keen to dress up today however she took a liking to the blue hat with the yellow flower. Isla turned into a beautiful pink princess, sitting on the ground she kept fluffing her tutu. Towards the end of our dress ups Jhye took the fireman outfit off and became a teddy bear workman in his orange vest, sharing giggles and laughter with Mel as Mel was also wearing teddy bear ears. Miss Otavia was a very colourful superhero as she engaged with all her friends in the sandpit.

It was time for our yoga class, we love yoga, and we are always curious to what special toys our teacher will bring. We enjoyed practicing our stretches. Bella, Parker, Matthew, and Valencia demonstrated how well they can stretch their bodies and mimicked each move to the best of their ability. We also did very well as we practiced our breathing techniques. Big breath in and exhale out,

Just before we headed back inside for our lunch, we all sat together for group time. Singing some of our favourite nursery rhymes. Row, row was the most popular. Isla held onto Mel’s hands saying “row, row” as she rocked back and forth. Parker and Valencia held hands and giggled as they rocked, ending up laying down in fits of laughter. Winston and Matthew also enjoyed row, row. Another one of our favourites is “Open, shut them” the big kiss at the end, Jhye, Bella and Theo blew the biggest kisses. Winston and Jyhe did very well as they were both very tired.

Once we headed inside we washed our hands and sat down at the table together for our delicious lunch. Today we enjoyed sweet potato, lentil, and spinach sausage rolls.  After we finished our lunch we enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music

Thank for a fun Monday babies, we will see you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxxx