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Hello families and welcome to Monday in Babies 3,

Our morning began in Babies 2 where we waited for our friends to start arriving. Winston, Parker, and Adeleine were first to arrive.

Winston was engaged with the puzzles, using the trial-and-error method and with Mel’s encouragement Winston manipulated each piece to fit the correct space.

Winston also enjoyed looking through a book, he came to a page of cows. Mel asked Winston what sound a cow makes? He replied “Moo”.

Parker also enjoyed looking through a variety of books this morning. Her favourite was “Pop goes the Zebra”. Mel sat with Parker, and we looked through the story together.

Later Parker, using her imagination pretended some colourful rubber houses were bangles, you looked so pretty Parker with them all the way up your arm.

Adeleine arrived and gave Mel cuddles as she settled. It was not long before she felt confident to explore the room. Adeleine found the basket full of the play food and carried it over to the kitchen, she began playing some in and out of the fridge. Adeleine also spent time practicing her fine motor pushing the beads across the bead maze.

Our friend Theo was a little unsettled in Babies 2 this morning, he explored a little but preferred lots of cuddles and reassurance from his educators. Isla was our next little friend to arrive, giving her educators lots of cuddles and smiles this morning. Valencia also arrived stretching out to give Mel cuddles. It was time to head over to our room. We all excitedly walked through the gate.

Once inside Parker yelled “Shark” Valencia and Parker jumped around to the music and did the actions together, sharing laugher as they twirled around the room while showing their educators the actions.

While the music was playing Valencia sat over on the car mat and began pushing Thomas the tank around the room while Theo began shaking the maracas along to the music before joining his friend Valencia over on the car mat. He enjoyed pushing the cars under the tunnels.  Isla was busy practicing her walking using the walker to explore the room.

Miss Otavia played our “Clean up” song and all our friends did their best to help pack away our toys. After washing our hands, we all sat at the table together. Once at the table it was time for a little group time. Miss Crystal read “5big and busy trucks” to our friends. We all practiced our best listening skills as Miss Crystal began to read. After the story Miss Crystal gave all her friends the opportunity to touch and feel all the different textures of the book. Our friend Matthew arrived for the day, just in time for morning tea.

Today’s activity is a follow up of mirror play between Isla and Winston pulling faces in the mirror last week. This is a very interesting activity called the Rouge test. By putting a red dot on our babies’ nose and placing them in front of a mirror. If our babies touch their own nose to wipe off the red mark, it shows that they know the reflection is them, there is a sense of self. If our babies do not touch their nose, they do not know that the reflection is them. Thinking they can see another baby in the mirror. They might say “hi” or wave this other infant they can see.

We all headed outside to explore the yard while Miss Crystal brought two of our friends inside at a time for this activity. While exploring outside Miss Otavia handed us smaller mirrors for us to investigate and observe our reflections.

We also enjoyed practicing our gross motor skills climbing the wooden arches up and over we went, taking turns and demonstrating our balancing skills. Reading corner was also popular as our friends sat quietly looking through books.

Winston laughed at his reflection and spent some time studying himself. He pulled the mirror closer for a good look. At first Winston attempted to rub the paint off through the mirror. When he realised this was not working, he touched his nose and realised it was on his nose. He watched through his reflection as he rubbed the paint off with excitement.

Isla studied herself through her reflection, looking a little confused. Once the paint was placed on her nose Isla was trying to work it out however she was not too interested.

Parker giggled when she saw her reflection, pulling the mirror closer for a better look. Parker was fascinated by turning the mirror around she could see herself both sides. Parker didn’t want the red dot of paint on her nose.

Valencia also giggled at her reflection, turning the mirror to Miss Crystal and pointing to her educator’s reflection. Once the red dot was on her nose, instantly Valencia recognised it on herself and rubbed it off her own nose watching her reflection as she rubbed it off.

Matthew looked confused as he saw his reflection. Once the paint was on his nose he stared at himself. Miss Crystal asked Matthew “where’s the paint?” Matthew pointed to his nose in the reflection of the mirror however when given a wipe to wipe off the paint Matthew wiped it off is own nose.

Adeleine had the biggest smile as she looked at herself in the mirror. Once the paint was on her nose, she stared at herself for a while. Miss Crystal asked, “where’s the paint?” “Can you wipe it off?” Adeleine instantly recognised it was on her own nose and wiped it off.

It was time to clean up and get ready for our yummy vegetarian sausage rolls/salmon rolls and salad. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoons play was child led with some indoor / outdoor play with each friend following their interests.

We have had a wonderful Monday, we hope all our families had amazing weekends.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda, Miss Otavia and Miss Crystal xxx