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Hello Dear Families & Friends, welcome to Babies 3 room!

This morning our friends had a free play inside, they choose to play with doctor’s set, wooden blocks, home corner and puppets. They shared toys and take turns, using their manners when asking for turn or share any toys. Due to very hot day and muggy day we decided to go out with our friends to enjoy water play. All children truly enjoyed the water play using sea creatures. We put some water inside the sensory tray and children jumped inside to cool themselves. The children run under hose shower laughing and giggling. Edward, Orion and Jackson used little buckets to take some water and put in the sand pit that they can make sand shapes. Educators get wet when we give the hose to children they love to point hose shower on us to see us getting wet, they all laughed. Water play is so much fun for everyone.

Before lunch time all our friends were changed and dry, waiting for lunch we enjoyed some Christmas stories and books which Miss Dom read it with children. Children asked questions by pointing on the pictures and Miss Dom explained to them meaning. We all had a great and relaxed day! Now our friends are having rest to be ready for afternoon play!

Love Miss Dom & Miss Jena xx