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Hello from Babies Three room!

What a beautiful morning we had with our little friends from the Babies One room. Orion and Lincoln were playing in the sand pit digging the sand and putting in the big trolley. Millie was rocking herself on the see-saw having fun, then Boys walked to the other see-saw and they rocked themselves while they were siting together, they laughed and giggled.

Poppy, Millie, Orion and Lincoln were playing with Safari animals and See animals that they were on the table with some of the books were all children can see pictures of those animals and play with animals matching them on the pictures. Orion and Poppy give pat and cuddle to tiger and elephant, Millie was going through the book looking for dolphin when she find it she pointed on the picture.

Miss T’arn take all children outdoor to go for Easter Egg hunt, they were looking everywhere for Easter Eggs when they find some they run to Miss T’arn to show her that they have find the Easter Egg. Well done munchkins!

For our story time today we were reading Easter book about Easer Bunny and Easter Eggs were children moved pieces to see different pictures. They all enjoyed to have turn with this book.

Hope you all had a nice day!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Jelena xx