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Good morning friends and families of Babies 3, welcome to our Monday.

Today was very special, not only because we started the transition of our friends Charlie, Halle, Liz and Luna to Toddlers’ room, but also because it was our friend Isla’s first official day. Wow!

Our morning started with free exploration of our room. Our friends were very enthusiastic when they arrived this morning. Early in the morning we sat together to make some drawings. Luna, Halle, Charlie, and Parker were all excited to draw, and Isla loved the activity too, demonstrating an ability to make friends and adapt quickly. Halle did not hesitate to assert that her chalk was blue, and she was right. Charlie said “welcome Isla” when we told her that Isla was new.

Our friends Theo and Valencia soon joined us as well and together we organized our room to the sound of the ‘clean up’ song and sat down to a delicious morning tea.

Danced baby shark together and said “oh no” when the music stopped.

Read a book “giraffes can`t dance”. Valencia showed the giraffe, Parker got the lions right and Isla loved to stare at the book while miss Vanessa was telling about the animals and colour in it.

At 10 am Luna, Liz, Halle, and Charlie went to spend an hour in the toddlers’ room for the first time. It was a great moment for Parker, Valencia, Theo, and Isla to have a sensory experience with objects that resembled the seabed, blue objects, rice and cross noodles, scoops, sieves, and some marine animals such as whales, sharks, and crabs. How fun. We spend a lot of time exploring this sensory activity. Valencia and Parker showed their new friends how to use the objects and remained interested throughout. Isla was also super curious and was quickly using the scoops to get some rice grains and noodles. Theo alternated a lot between sensory activity and running around exploring the Yard.

After that it was yoga time! Parker and Valencia loved to train their breathing with the colourful polyhedron of the miss…… Theo already liked the sound part better. Isla stayed close all the time and attended every yoga class with a lot of curiosity and attention, and with a few smiles. No tears around here.

After that, a fire drill was held, and our friends were very brave and organized to go with Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa to the yard next door. And since we were there, we joined our friends who were at toddlers and took the opportunity to explore the yard together after the fire drill. All the children took turns showing their balance on the bridge, and many laughs were shared.

Finally, it was time for us all together to go into our room, change our diapers and get ready for lunch and our rest. We followed all our usual routines and made our transitions smoothly enjoying our yummy lunch and rest time.


We hope all our families had a wonderful weekend.

See you all very soon.

Miss Vanessa and Miss Melinda xxxx