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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

What a wonderful start to Monday. Unfortunately, Miss Mel is away sick today, but Miss Jess from babies 2 came and had some fun in babies three today. Today we all enjoyed exploring babies two room in the morning as we waited for everyone to arrive. Once Avery, August, Delilah, Charlie, Halle, Liz, and Luna arrived we all washed our hands and sat down at the table ready for some morning tea. This morning for morning tea it was Healthy Apple Owl Rice Cakes with fruit. Everyone loved the morning tea.

After we were full it was time to explore the room a little before going outside. Luna enjoyed making some Music with some of her friends, Liz and Halle enjoyed exploring home corner and making Miss Jess a yummy tea with some pineapple. Delilah enjoyed playing with the dolls with Charlie, they were putting the dolls to sleep by rocking and singing a lullaby.  August loved pointing out the cars from the window and trying to say the colour of the cars.  Afterwards we all went outside to explore the yard. Today we loved exploring the bridges, 3D shapes, Dolls, Sandpit, books, and the bikes. While exploring outside Miss Jess had setup a painting activity with some cars. We had green, yellow, and blue paint with 3 different types of cars. There was a train, car, and digger truck. Each child picked which colour paint they wanted to us as they use the transportation to paint on the white paper. Everyone enjoyed using the cars as a paintbrush, they all giggled and smiled at each other when painting with the cars. Miss Jess had us split into groups as some explored the yard with Miss Vanessa while some did the car painting with Miss Jess. Before we knew it was time for some yoga. This week we all enjoyed doing yoga as we stretched our legs and focused on our breathing. We all enjoyed the balls and musical instruments we had to do this with. We would like to thank our yoga teacher for the wonderful stretches we did today. We all washed our hands and went inside for some yummy lunch.

This afternoon we will be exploring the yard with babies 2 as we get to interact with our friends. We cannot wait to show everyone the photos from today.

Much Love Miss Jess and Miss Vanessa.  😊