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Hello families, welcome to our day in Babie’s 3,

Today we welcomed Winston, Parker, Theo, Bella, Isla, Jhye and Matthew with warm cuddles as they settled into their learning environment.

Our morning began over in the Babies 2 room while we waited for more friends to arrive. Winston arrived first with hug smiles and he went straight away to the home corner then he grab a basket and put himself inside. Using his imagination he stayed there for while playing with a baby doll. Isla arrived then was her time to engage with Indiana at the home corner. As soon as we got more friends it was then time to head over to our room. Bella and Parker then request baby shark, Matthew and Theo were so excited and came rushing over. We all did the actions together, jumping and singing around the room. Isla loves being more involved in dancing now she is steadier on her feet, she rolls around on the floor and jumps up sharing lots of giggles with her friends. While on that, Jhye was very busy playing with the car track and the parking garage putting the car in the spiral rump and watching slide down. Winston engaged with the chainsaw as soon as he came to the room. He sat down on the mat and he turned on and off a few times paying attention on the noise. It was time to pack away all our toys to the clean up song, wash our hands and sit down for our yummy Blueberry quinoa breakfast bar.

To celebrate Dental Health week Miss Otavia had a Brushing Practice activity planned, using blocks as a teeth and playdough, pompons, confetti as a food and a toothbrush. Taking one by one, Miss Otavia showed to us how to clean the block using the toothbrush. They all did pretty well. Isla and Matthew were very gentle cleaning the tooth and taking off the food stuck on it. Miss Otavia asked to Parker, Bella and Winston “what was that image on the paper?”, they all said “teeth”. Well done. Bella and Winston also used the toothbrush to brush their teeth when Miss Otavia said to clean the teeth. It was very fun. Theo and Jhye enjoyed a lot the activity. They started using the toothbrush to clean the fake teeth, but as they couldn’t take off the playdough stuck on that they used their hands instead. It was an interesting activity because they all got very engaged. Theo and Jhye enjoyed a lot the activity. They started using the toothbrush to clean the fake teeth, but as they couldn’t take off the playdough stuck on that they used their hands instead.

It was time for our yoga class, we love yoga, and we are always curious to what special toys our teacher will bring. We enjoyed practicing our stretches. Bella, Parker, Matthew demonstrated how well they can stretch their bodies and mimicked each move to the best of their ability. We also did very well as we practiced our breathing techniques. Big breath in and exhale out.

Just before we have our lunch, we all sat together on the mat for group time. Miss Otavia showed to us a picture with 2 teeth, one has bad thing and the other one good thing, then she explained  why it is important to keep our teeth healthy and that we need our teeth to chew food, speak, and have a healthy smile. After that, Miss Otavia sang “if you happy and you know it” and “bee bee bumble bee” for us. We all joined in doing the actions and Bella and Parked did very well saying their names and their friends names. Today we enjoyed an Amazing Salmon/Vegin’ Baked Mac and Cheese.  After we finished our lunch we enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

For afternoon tea we will be enjoying Fresh fruits kebabs and white chocolate dipping sauce. Our afternoon play was child led as we explored our outdoor environment.

Just a reminder the parent hub which is located just outside our room with all our babies’ journals in the basket. Please feel free to take your child’s journal home at any time. All we ask is you fill in the date you take the journal and the date in which you return it. Thank you and enjoy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or Miss Otavia.  😊

Much love Miss Otavia & Miss Lara. xxxxx