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Hello Families, Welcome to our day!

Today is St Patrick’s day! And altogether with our “colours week”, we had heaps of green today! Our friends and educators were all dressed in green. Can you see how gorgeous is Liz’s outfit today? Super fashion!

Our day began with our friends Charlie and Peyton, and they had lots of time to explore all the room: from the babies eating on the table to the green giant blocks, from the books to all sorts of colourful things we had on our mattress today.

After that our friends Charlie-boy, Avery, Liz and Delilah arrived, and we had a beautiful morning tea together. We are always well behaved at the table. It’s really nice to be able to sit down with our friends in a properly sized table and have our meals together.

After we finished our morning tea and wiped our hands and faces, we started a sensory activity with a trey full of green things. Beyond the colour, we can also learn about feelings and textures with the sensory plays. It’s really important to our development. And when we discover the world by ourselves, we learn for life. Avery just loved the sensory trey and everything about it. Charlie-boy settled really well today, and loved to explore the room by himself for a while.

For group time Miss Mel read a book for us: “Hide and seek in the forest”. Delilah loved the story while Charlie loved the touch and feeling in every page. Miss Mel named all the animals. Our friend Liz just sat for a while then went to explore the room, and Charlie-boy wanted to read the book by himself after we finished.

After Miss Vanessa get here, we started to dance to wiggles Irish songs. That was really fun. We always love to dance together, and hearing different music was delightful. Both Charlies loved to dance together. After that we decided to do our artwork for the day: a clover collage! For this art we used real leaves, glue and green glitter. How messy it was. But at the same time really fun. We loved to stick the leaves on the paper. And the glitter gave a beautiful final touch.

Then, we changed our nappies and started our smoothie transition to the lunch time. Everything was settled to relax and we could have a deserved rest after lunch.

Before I forget, we did a beautiful handprint collage two days ago, so we decided to dispose it on our wall due to harmony day. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Thank you so much for the fun day, everybody.

See you here tomorrow.

Xoxoxo, Miss Vanessa and Miss Melinda.