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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we had lots of fun drawing at the table, using coloured pencils we created our own master pieces. We also explored the room playing in home corner, blocks building ‘mummy and daddy’s house’, driving the trains on the train table and role playing doctors. We then had morning tea, today was tuity fruity fruit salad and granola with yogurt. After morning tea we had a discussion on sun safety and the importance of wearing sunscreen and keeping our hats on our head. We then opened the doors and allowed the children to choose indoor or outdoor play. Inside we continued our play from the morning also reading books and singing and dancing to Christmas carols while outside the children enjoyed climbing the frames, riding bikes, sliding down the slide and cooling off with the hose. We also had lots of laughs while we ran around like the horses we can see from our yard. We then all came inside for lunch, today we had super summery rice and quinoa sushi with salad bar. After lunch the children went off to rest. This afternoon we will have zucchini and apple slice with fresh fruit and a big play before home time.

Thankyou friends for a beautiful day.
Love from Miss Jordan, Miss Talia and Miss Jena xx