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Welcome to Babies Three room Dear Families and Friends!

We started our morning with delicious morning tea that all children enjoyed. The children were very exited to see sunny morning that they can go outdoors for play. We walked to our big yard where we love to play on the obstacle courses and rocking dinosaurs, to run around and watch the horses near by. Miss Bec took the slide from our friends from Babies Two and bring to the big yard and all our friends take turns on the slide. They were very patient while waiting for their own turn. Some of the children shared see saw with their friends, they checked the garden over the fence if there is any duckies as yesterday, but duckies wasn’t there. Soon become very hot at the big yard and we decided to go back to our yard but we brought the slide and all children continued to take turns on the slide, that is so much fun, we would like to thank to the families who donated slide to the Babies.

Abel was pushing Millie and Ruby in a trollies, girls love it, while some of the children enjoyed story “the very hungry caterpillar” that Miss Jelena read for them. They were counting all fruits that caterpillar eat pointing on each fruit while we counted together. soon lunch arrived and all children went inside to wash their hands and get ready for African fish carry with rice and vegetable on the side, they smashed all. Now they are all having rest after big morning play where the children most of the time spent climbing obstacle courses and slide using their gross motor skills which takes a lot of energy. Hopefully they will have a good rest to be able to enjoy afternoon play.

We hope that you all have a nice day

Love Miss Bec and Miss Jelena xx