Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we loved to sing and dance to the wiggles nursery rhymes. The children are so cleaver knowing all the dance moves they practice at home and their friends follow. For morning tea today we had breakfast granola pizza with yoghurt and fresh fruit. After morning tea we had a free choice play inside where some friends chose to play in home corner, babies in particular, dinosaur table, threading and stacking blocks. We also love to read books both independently and as a group. We then went outside to play, we love the sandpit, riding bikes, building towers with soft big blocks, rocking on the sea saws singing row row row your boat and our new sensory tray and easel set up. We also love to run and kick the balls. We then came back inside for a group art experience in celebration of NAIDOC week. We used cut up yellow and orange paper and glue to craft a ssssssnake. We then had yummy grilled cheese toasties for lunch. After lunch we went off to bed to recharge our energy. When we wake up we will have fresh fruit kebabs for afternoon tea and a big afternoon play before going home.

Thankyou friends for a lovely day.
Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia

– Next Wednesday the 18th is our beautiful educator Shanaya’s last day with us before she goes off to have her baby boy. To celebrate her we would love you to join us in wearing BLUE!!