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Welcome to Babies Three room!

This morning the wooden blocks were very inviting to play with for all children when they walked into our room. There are a couple of different shapes and size blocks, but the favourite blocks are the ones that have a small coloured window. The children love that they can see through them. This has been fun to use as we continue to learn about colours. Alia, Ruby and Millie enjoyed playing some music using instruments, while other friends were ready for morning tea. When the three musicians finished up playing with the instruments they sat ready for morning tea as well.

We decided to have some water play in our beautiful open space yard after morning tea. Each child took one bucket and one jar to take some water and pour into their buckets. Some friends found it a bit tricky scooping the water into the jar while others found it tricky transferring it over to their own bucket making themselves a bit wet which was a good way to cool down on this very hot morning. When Ruby finished she showed us sign language that she was finished, other children looked and they used sign language saying to us that they are finished too.  The children went to play on the obstacle courses where they have been practicing their gross motor skills. After a fun play in the open yard the children started heading to the gate indicating they were ready for a big drink of water.  We all walked to our room and had a big drink of water before continued to play outside joining out friends from next door. Millie and Lincoln loved pushing the lawn mowers, Ruby and Ariana loved digging in the sandpit, Ivy enjoyed hiding in the tent and Alia was cleaver rolling the balls.

The weather forecast for the afternoon says it is going to rain so we have set up puzzles, blocks, books, animals, baby dolls and our kitchen area for a warm afternoon play. 

We have had a lovely day in babies three today!

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia