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Good afternoon families,

Today we enjoyed outdoor play practicing our climbing on the slide and learning to take turns, the children are loving the lawn mower toys and pushing them around the yard.

When it became too hot for us outside with this beautiful sunny day we brought some of the climbing toys inside for the children to continue to use their gross motor skills and co-ordination, the children absolutely loved choosing which toys they wanted to bring in and helped together to carry them inside.

We did plenty of cooking in the toy kitchen, learning to put the puzzles together, drawing with pencils and textas, reading the touch and feel books.

Some of the children are taking time to settle in so we have been giving lots of cuddles and reassurance as they settle.

It’s been a big day indeed!

If you have any questions or anything to share or pass on we have the communication book at the front foyer, just incase Mel or I miss you on drop off or pick up.

Have a lovely afternoon,

Miss Dominique and Miss Melinda