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Hello from Babies Three room!

The children had a nice and early morning play outdoors with their little friends from other babies rooms. They enjoyed to play in the sand pit and climbed the blocks.

As soon as we transit to our room Lincoln, Millie, Lara and Alia took some toys to play with, Lara jumped on the donkey while others were looking through the coloured shapes. Our Chef was at the door with our delicious morning tea and all children run to the table to enjoy morning tea. We talk about every day food and sometimes food while we enjoyed our morning tea. After we finished we took the basket with some food toys and we continued to talk about every day food and sometimes food. Lincoln found piece of cake and we confirmed that cake is sometimes food, we confirmed that banana is every day food when Millie asked. Alia found piece of pizza which is also sometimes food. They were very interested in this play, we will continue to learn more about food.

Obstacle course and pushing bikes were favourite activity for all children when we went outdoors to play. Millie, Lara, Lincoln and Alia showed us how good they are in climbing on obstacle course and how good they can do their balance before they jumped of the obstacle course, well done Munchkins! Pushing them selves on the pushing bikes they followed each other laughing and giggling. As soon as they spotted bubbles around themselves they run to chase as many as they can having laugh and giggle.

Alia, Lara and Lincoln were doing their Anzac Day craft decorating their Poppy flower with small red piece of paper. The children used glue stick then they add small red pieces to decorate their Poppy flower and it looks very nice.

Lincoln, Lara, Millie and Alia had a play with ocean animals, books and puzzles where they matched same toys with same pictures at the book and on the puzzles, when Lincoln found Killer Whale he pointed on the picture, same other children did when they spotted same toy on the picture as same on the puzzles.

For our story time today we had an surprise, Miss Steph arrived and she read the story for us, children chose “Max and Tallulah” book and they were all concentrated to listen every word of the story. Thank you Miss Steph for your entertainment!

We enjoyed this lovely Thursday!

Love Miss Steph and Miss Jelena xx