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Hello families, welcome Thursday in Babies’ 3,

This morning we welcomed Daris, Isla, Bella, Parker, Olivia, Valencia, Matthew, and Dorijan with lots of cuddles as they settled into their learning environment. Today Dorijan joined us for another fun transition day. Today Winston began his day over in Toddlers 1 and we welcomed Dorijan for a transition play. We gave Dorijan lots of cuddles, we are so excited to have you with us and look forward to you joining our Babies 3 family. 😊

Our morning began exploring our outside environment with Babies’ 2 friends. Daris joined his friends Olivia and Isla and sat on the mat and wow did he look handsome today all dressed up for his photos!! They were enjoying playing with he pop up toys. Bella was sharing smiles with her educators as she rode on the see saw. Isla then decided to hop on and off the bike. When Parker arrived, she headed over to the slide where Isla and Olivia were playing,  they took turns sliding down. We all sat together by the door to sing our transition song ‘Bee, bee bumble bee”. As we said or tried our very best to say our names, we stood up one at a time to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea with Magic Breaky Muffins.

After morning tea, it was time for toys of choice. Dorijan loved exploring his new learning environment. He spent time investigating the dolls house and using his Imagination in home corner with his new friends Daris and Olivia. Matthew held up the egg carton for Miss Otavia to open. He and Bella played together looking through the eggs and placing them in the kitchen sink. Daris sat quietly reading a story. He then joined Valencia who was over with the musical instruments, Valencia was banging on the drum making her own music. Daris picked up the tambourine and began banging away. Miss Otavia brought some wooden blocks into our room. We were all very excited to build towers together. Demonstrating our fine motor, Concentration and trial and error skills. We all enjoyed building tall towers and knocking them down again. Sharing lots a laughter and self-achievement together as Miss Otavia sung the “build it up” song.

Extending on Bella’s interest in pretending to water the plants yesterday, Miss Mel thought we should take turns today for our activity. We spoke about how plants need water to live. We took turns and giving all our plants in our yard a big drink. Bella and Parker kept yelling “more water” or “water Mel!” this was a great activity to also practice our sharing skills. Watering our plants is great for sensory exploration. Gardening can heighten all senses in our babies, they can feel the dirt, vegies, flowers etc. Its also great for them to learn responsibility in undertaking a gardening project and helps their motor skill development as they practice and home in on their fine motor skills.

We sat by the door with Miss Danica for the “bumble bee” song to wash our hands where Miss Mel was waiting to assist us while washing our hands. We then walked over and sat down for our yummy lunch Crispy Potato Rosti and Vegie Pom Poms.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep with some soft relaxing music. After we relaxed our bodies, we enjoyed our afternoon tea with Fresh Apple, Pear and Raspberry Compote then our afternoon play is child led with outdoor experiences.

As the warmer weather is here, we thought we would enjoy some fun water-based activities next week. Could you please make sure you have a few changes of clothes in their bags! Thank you. 😊

PS: We are having trouble uploading photos. They will be printed out and put on the wall just next to Babie’s 3 door on the left hand side. 

Miss Mel and Miss Otavia. xxxxx