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Happy Thursday Families,

Our morning started off inside due to this rainy weather. Our babies played with toys of choice until we settled down for our yummy morning tea. After Miss Mel cleaned up she noticed the playdoh was of interest to some of our friends so we all sat around the table together making shapes and rolling the playdoh with the rollers. It was lots of fun!!  For group time today we all sat down on the mat, Miss Mel had some new building blocks she had brought in to share with her new friends. As we all sat down Miss Talia came for a visit, all our friends were so excited to see Talia and showered her with lots of cuddles. We all took turns stacking towers and knocking them back down again while Mel and Talia sung the build it up song. While waiting for our lunch we sang nursery rhymes together and Mel read a Christmas story. After lunch we all enjoyed a nice long nap to recharge our batteries for the afternoons play.

What a lovely day Miss Mel has had with her new little friends.

Love Miss Mel xx