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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we had a big play outside, the children are getting so good at remembering to put their hats on before going out that they show us they need their hat by tapping their head. We are so proud of all the children for this and how well they keep their hats on. We loved to climb the obstacles and climbing frames, ride the bikes, rock on the sea saws singing row row row your boat, draw with crayons and take care of the babies. We also had so much fun with bubbles, thankyou Ruby for bringing in dinosaur bubbles and for sharing them so nicely with your friends.

Inside the children continued role play in home corner putting the babies to sleep and taking them to the doctor if they were sick. We also loved our dinosaur table, stacking blocks and reading in our quiet corner. Today we took some very special photos for a very special day coming up… watch this space for them.

For morning tea today we had granola pizza and fresh fruit with yoghurt, lunch was yummy cheese toasties with salad and for afternoon tea we will have fruit kebabs.

Thankyou friends for a beautiful day,
Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia