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Welcome to wonderful Thursday in our babies three room. What a wonderful day we have had today engaging in a variety of play experiences independently, alongside and together our friends.

Today Abel, Millie, Lara and Ivy were enjoying bathing the babies, what fun they had washing the babies and splashing in the water. It was great to see when Lincoln arrived he felt comfortable and confident to join in the fun with his friends bathing the babies. We had two musicians this morning with Abel and Lincoln  exploring and experimenting with the musical instruments together, sharing lots of smiles, and communicating through sounds with one another. What wonderful music they were creating.

After a busy morning of exploring outside we came indoors to have our morning tea. The children are certainly enjoying this social time at meal times as they sit around the table together. Our friend Alia joined us just in time, joining us at the table for some delicious morning tea.

After our delicious morning tea the children showed independence as they selected the experiences they wished to engage in. The children had fun with Miss Ana and Miss Otavia engaging in block play. It is great to see that the children are settling into their new environment well, showing increasing confidence to freely explore their environment. They are particularly enjoying all of the extra outdoor play using the strollers, little cow push along, ball play and water play.  For our lunch today we decided to venture outside taking the table. How nice it was to feel the breeze and take in our surroundings, the children seemed to really enjoy it. For the afternoon the children will have the opportunity to explore and engage in activities both indoors and outdoors. The new kitchen area has proved popular so I can imagine this will be one of the choices for the afternoon.

Love Miss Ana, Miss Otavia, Miss Tania, Miss Dominique and Miss Jelena  .