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Hello Families, welcome to Thursday in Babie’s 3.

Our morning began exploring Babies’ 1 yard while we waited for our friends to arrive. Halle, Olivia and Luna were already hear when Miss Mel started this morning. They ran over for big cuddles. Halle was riding the bike around the yard and Luna was engaged with the levers and buttons on the activity table. Olivia was cradling a baby doll in her arms as she explored the yard. Liz arrived with some yummy cake, Halle wanted to help her friend eat it and said “have a little bit” Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa were shocked, that’s the first sentence we have heard Halle put together!!!  Landen and Parker arrived next. Landen did laps around the yard, so many exciting things to look at. Parker went over to the tunnel, playing peek a boo with her friend Halle.

It was time for us to head over to our yard where we dug in the sandpit, pushed the dolls around in the prams and each other, took turns on the see saw and climbed the obstacle course. Valencia arrived and spent time digging in the sandpit with her friends. Luna popped one of the buckets on her head, wow Luna that’s a funny hat!!

It was time to head inside. We played with toys of interest. Luna and Valencia spent time playing with the doll house. Landen was interested in the colourful rainbow, the shape magnets and home corner, opening, and closing the fridge door. Olivia was looking after the dolls, she also sat looking through the “space” book from yesterday.  Liz did some cooking and made breakfast for Miss Mel, yum thank you Lizzy. Parker sat quietly nursing a dolly in the chair. We were all very content, engaged in play.

Pack away time!! Lets put away all our toys. Miss Vanessa played our clean up song and we all did our best at packing away our toys. Valencia and Halle love helping to pack away. We washed our hands and settled down at the table for morning tea Today we had vegan French toast and fresh fruit.

Continuing with shape recognition this week Miss Mel planned a painting experience. We split into two groups. While some our friends were demonstrating their gross motor skills outside Miss Mel took two or three inside at a time where we practiced our shape recognition while finger painting. Using pink and blue paint we Painted squares, circles, and triangles. Mel asked her friends what each shape was. Olivia repeated Mel when Mel said “it’s a square” Olivia also said “square. Halle was so adorable naming everything “blue”. Parker kept saying “more” indication she wanted more paint. Landen enjoyed the activity, dipping his fingers into the cold sticky paint. He also loved painting the table. Luna wasn’t too sure about touching the paint however with some encouragement Luna ended painting some lovely shapes and enjoying the sensory experience. Liz was very excited when it was her turn, rushing to the table eager to stick her finger in the paint pot and get started.

Once the activity was over, we continued to play outside for a short time until lunch arrived. We cleaned up and all sat down at the table together enjoying our Mexican black bean tortillas yum yum!!

Mel played some soft music and lowered the blinds as we all drifted off to sleep.

Thank you for a wonderful day babies.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xxxx