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Hello families, happy Thursday!! Welcome to our day in Babies 3,

This morning we welcomed Winston, Daris, Olivia, Parker, Isla, Bella, Valencia, and Matthew with big cuddles as they settled in.

This morning Parker and Daris headed straight over to home corner. Parker picked up a bowl and spoon and began feeding the baby in the highchair. Daris noticed the bowl was empty, so he picked up a piece of fruit and gave it to the baby. Olivia joined her friends and proceeded to place items into the fridge, she also fed the baby. This baby doll is one well fed baby!! Later Bella tipped all the fruit and veggies into the sink, she then picked up the bottle of salad dressing and poured it into a bowl. Isla and Winston also spent some time in home corner. Isla was pretending to eat the play food and Winston picked up the shopping basket and put it over his arm, he looked up at Mel and said “bye”. He was off to the shops and began doing laps of the room.

Bella requested Baby shark and sleeping bunny, her friends cheered!! Parker and Valencia also yelling “Shark, shark”. We all waited as Mel searched for the songs. When sleeping bunnies began all our friends dropped to the floor pretending to sleep, waiting in anticipation for the bunnies to wake up so we could all hop like bunnies together. We always share lots of laughter and joy during dancing. We all then did the actions to Baby shark. Valencia loves the part where it says run away, giggling every time as she runs to the door and back. Mel then played “Wheels on the bus” Daris loved this on he did all the actions as he jumped around on the spot with such a big, beautiful smile looking up at mel. Olivia and Winston joined in and so did Isla, who is loving bopping away on the stop now that she is standing up on her own.

Over on the table Miss Otavia set up some fine motor toys. Bella, Daris, Olivia and Isla sat at the table and with Mel’s encouragement took turns with each toy. The all loved the pop-up toys, pushing down was easy and with Mel’s assistance we all had turns popping them back up again. The turtle was popular, pushing the shapes down and waiting for the turtle’s head to pop out. As our friends pressed the shapes Mel named them. Bella repeated each shape as Mel named each one.

It was time to wash our hands and sit down at  the table for our yummy Quinoa Porridge.

After morning tea, it was time for our activity. As we are celebrating the Olympics tomorrow with a Babies Mini Olympics, enjoying a variety of activities together with Babies 1 and Babies 2. We thought we would paint the Olympic Rings using paint brushes, paper plates, green, yellow, blue, red, and black paint. We were all very excited as we sat down at the table together. Miss Mel put a blob of paint on each paper plate, and we practiced our sharing skills, once we had a turn painting, we passed the plate to our friend beside us so everyone had a turn painting each Olympic ring. Valencia, Parker, Daris, Winston, Bella, Olivia, and Matthew enjoyed swirling the brush around and around covering each plate with lots of paint. After each turn, they all reached out for a wipe to wipe the paint off their hands and to clean up any paint that was on the table. Isla was a little unsure at first, hesitating to hold the brush, however with encouragement from her educators Isla ended up enjoying the experience and reached out to wipe her hands if there was any paint on them.

After painting it was time to wash our hands ready to sit back on the mat for group time before lunch. As of today, we implemented a new transition routine a called “Bee, bee bumble bee” This is a name recognition song.

Sitting on the mat Miss Mel began to sing “Bee bee bumble bee, can you sing your name to me? This helps with name recognition and helps with all our babies being able to say their own names and also to recognise each other’s names. It also it a great way to slowing take turns with meeting Miss Otavia at the sink to assist us in washing and drying our hands before each meal.

For our very first time our babies did so well. Parker, Olivia, Bella, and Valencia repeated their names to Mel. It will take some time for our babies to learn the new transition and encouragement from their educators in saying their names.

We all demonstrated our best listening and concentration skills as Mel began to read. Taking turns at moving the flaps and opening doors to see what was inside all the different trucks. We all had guesses before we opened each one. Our babies are really enjoying group time. Once the story was finished, we all sat at the table for our yummy lunch, Today we enjoyed roast veggie, avocado and Pesto grills

After we finished our lunch, Mel lowered the blinds. We enjoyed our bottles as we laid down and drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with some outdoor fun, we were eager to head outside this afternoon as we didn’t go out this morning.

Thank you for a fun filled Thursday friends!!!

See you all very soon

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxxx

P.S: If possible, could you please send your babies in sneakers tomorrow and if you have a favourite shirt, you would like them to wear for our Babies Mini Olympics. 🙂