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Hello from Babies Three room!

We had a new friend Ruby over from Babies Two room today for a play. Ruby was really exited  to see all her new girlfriends. Alia, Millie and Lara welcomed Ruby and they straight jumped on the donkeys and hop laughing and giggling. The children enjoyed free play in a playroom where they were choose toys that they are interested in. Ruby was a little explorer, walking around and playing with all new toys and new friends, they shared activities together. They played with the puzzles helping each other to find right piece of puzzle, stacking stick where they have to find the same circle, play at the mirror making funny faces.
Lara and Alia finished their photo frame for mums for Mother’s Day by using paint to decorate photo frame. Then the girls took more puzzles and book of the shelf and played at the table showing each other sea animals that they can see in the book and puzzles compering them. After all this learning through the puzzles and other play we decided to spent some time outdoors to play in the sand pit. The girls had so much fun digging the sand and put on the windmill where they were able to see how sand is going through in the truck trailer, they were doing this play for a long time really enjoying themselves. After all fun that we had this morning, the time for lunch come quickly and we have to say bye, bye to our new friend Ruby, but next week Ruby will come back and we will even more fun.

Thank You!

Miss Jelena xx