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Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends! Welcome to Babies 3 room!

This morning when the children arrived they went straight to the sensory table where they explore touch and feel sense. Ariana talked about colours and how shiny is pink wooden block. Liana, Scarlett, Edward and Ariana enjoyed to play with lacing cards where they develop their fine motor skills and great cognitive development, we also learn about the letters on the cards.

After delicious morning tea we get ready to go and explore outdoors where Babies 2 were playing and we join them. The children play in a sand pit, climbed obstacle courses, kick the ball and pushed bikes and trollies, but most they loved to seat on the green mat and go through the farm book. They pointed on each picture asking for explanation what  it is. We talk about farm animals and how important they are. From where eggs, milk, meat and wool comes from, fruit and vegetable come from. We talk about machines at the farm and why we need them for. They all listened and they were very concentrated, but the time said we need to get ready for lunch.

Lunch was very yummy and children eat it all! Now my friends are having rest getting more energy for afternoon play.

We had a great day! Love Miss Jena xx