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Hello families, welcome to Thursday in Babie’s 3,

Today we welcomed Winston, Olivia, Isla, Matthew, Valencia, Daris and Bella with lots of cuddles as they settled for the morning.

Isla arrived dressed as a beautiful rainbow, bringing in the book “wish upon a rainbow”, Olivia walked through the door and into our yard looking adorable dressed as a very cute alpaca, her book was called “Alpaca with Maracas” and Matthew bought in a special Dinosaur book called “Bizzy Bear Dino Day”. Which at written in both English and Chinese. We cannot wait to read your stories later in the morning!

Our morning began outside in Babies 1 yard. Isla was enjoying pushing the mower around the yard. So, when we headed to our yard, We brought the mower with us. Once in our yard Miss Otavia opened the sandpit. Winston thought it was hilarious and lots of fun to lay on the soft fall mat while Miss Otavia was moving it. Everyone was giggling. Bella and Isla then jumped on the next one as quick as they could so they could enjoy the ride too. “Weee!!” Bella said. Once the sandpit was open, we all enjoyed digging and scooping up the sand. Olivia was enjoying climbing over the obstacle course.

Olivia found her friend Isla and they had a lovely big cuddle before falling to the floor giggling. This then turned into a game of peek a book around the pole before Olivia joined Winston scooting around on the bikes, pushing along with their feel as the rode around the yard. Mel and Isla enjoyed a game of “I’m going to get you!!” Mel chased Isla as she giggled her way across the grass, giving Mel big cuddles when she caught her. Isla, Winston and Olivia then sat quietly on the mat looking through some book together. Valencia and Miss Otavia enjoyed lots of cuddles when she arrived. Daris enjoyed a short play in the sandpit when it was time for morning tea,

We all sat outside with Miss Otavia, we sang a few of our favourite nursery songs before our transition song “Bee, bee bumble bee” Meeting Miss Jin in the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea. We are becoming so clever recognising and saying our own names and our friends’ names.

Extending on our babies’ interest in the story Isla brought in this week called “Dear Zoo” Today we had a fun sensory tray experience planned outside. Miss Otavia set up a tray full of bark, sand, leaves, flowers, and animals for our babies to explore. We were all engaged in play as we investigated the animals and spelt the flowers. Winston and Bella where brushing the bottle brush flowers across their nose and giggling as it tickled. Valencia loved picking up the sand and watching it trickle through our hand. Daris and Isla stomped through all the greenery, across the tray. Daris loved role playing with the animals, he particularly loved the tiger and began roaring like one. Matthew waved the greenery around like a fan, this turned into a game. His friend Winston and Miss Otavia joined in too.

We all ventured back inside to sit down at the table to create animal food prints. In the centre of the table Miss Otavia set up four paper plates with purple and green paint and we each had animals of all different shapes and sizes. We were all very eager and excited to get started. Dipping our animals into the paint, we enjoyed being free and creative. Expressive painting helps sensory development, colour learning, fine motor development, exercising creativity, being able to express emotions and building self-esteem. We enjoyed this art activity so much we asked for “more” pape4r to continue.

Sitting down on the mat so beautifully when Miss Mel said it was story time. Using our best listen skills, we sat down as Miss Lyn was going to read her friends the special books they brought in today. Miss Lyn invited Olivia up on her lap as she read her story. After the story we all took turns of shaking the maracas. It was then Isla’s turn. We loved all the colours of the rainbow and listened as Miss Lyn named each colour. Matthew’s book was a hit too. We loved taking turns of the sliding the levers on each page waiting a watching as each dinosaur was revealed.

It was time for lunch, we cleaned up our room to our clean up song and sat down with Miss Otavia for the bumble bee song to wash our hands where miss Lyn was waiting and sit down for our yummy lunch.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences.

We have had so much fun with our babies during Book Week. We have enjoyed the excitement on their faces as they walked through the doors all dressed up. (we are not sure who was more excited, us or them) It has been so special. We have enjoyed reading the books with our class that you kindly shared with us too.

Wishing all our families a fun and safe long weekend.

See you all again next week.

Love from the Pirate and the Farmer. xxxxx