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Good afternoon from Babies three room!

Babies three room had all girls today and we decided to use pink paint to paint friends faces through the glass window. Millie, Alia, Lara and Leiana had a wonderful time manipulating with painting brushes over the glass window experiencing new way of painting and having fun. The amazing weather today helped us to have this activity outdoors to get some vitamin D while we having fun. Liana and Lara also finished to paint their egg holders for Easter, they used the same pink colour just smaller painting brushes.

At our group time we read “The very hungry caterpillar” story, were the girls counted on each piece of fruit and food The very hungry caterpillar ate. Alia and Millie were going through the book “Spot’s first Easter” where they have to find all hidden Easter egg and the girls did very well, Alia was saying “one more” and Millie was exited to find more.

Millie wear bunny ears and tail this morning pretending to be Easter Bunny, that was so cute!

After all this fun of learning all girls enjoyed to put some Easter stickers on their Easter chicken, when they needed help they asked for help.

Hope you all had a very nice day as we all had!

Love Miss Thais and Miss Jelena!