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Hello families, welcome to Thursday in Babies 3.

Our morning began exploring in Babies 2 as we waited for our friends to arrive. Halle, Olivia and Parker were first to arrive. Oliva sat and built towers with the soft blocks and Halle spent most her time in home corner, cooking up a storm. Parker joined her friends for a short play when our friends Landen and Liz arrived. Landen found the bead maze and using his fine motor he moved the beads back and forth and the alphabet blocks round and round.. Lizzy had big cuddles with Miss Mel on arrival but was soon ready to explore. Liz found the train track and using the trial-and-error method and her concentration Liz attempted to put the track together. Liz and Halle asked Mel for “Shark, Shark” indicating they wanted to dance to “Baby Shark” Parker joined in too and we all did the actions to baby shark together.

We all excitedly headed over to our room where Halle ran to some new toys in our room. Halle loved our new colour and shape recognition toy, as Halle pressed the different colours and shapes Mel named them. Halle kept repeating “Blue, Blue” but then…. Halle said “Purple!!” Wow Halle that is amazing!!! So proud of you. Landen spent time with the books and puzzles. Liz was stacking blocks and Parker was wrapping the dolly up in a warm blanket. Valencia arrived and gave her educators big cuddles, she then sat investigating the new toys. Olivia was watching her reflection in the mirror, pulling faces and giggling at herself. Wow we were busy bees this morning!!

It was time for our “clean up” song Halle yelled “clean up!!” and began helping to pack away the toys. All our friends joined in. We then washed our hands and sat down at the table for some yummy morning tea.

After morning tea, we enjoyed some more free play while some of our educators were setting up our exciting activity. Our friend Winston arrived. We were all very excited to see Winston back, we missed you, Winston!! Winston settled in quickly and began exploring the room.

Story time!!! Miss Vanessa sat on the mat with all our friends and read the story “Giraffes Can’t Dance” Landen, Halle, Liz, Olivia, Winston, Valencia, and Parker all used their best listen and concentration skills as miss Vanessa began to read. Asking what animals, they could see Halle found the Lion and Valencia found the monkeys. We all enjoyed the story.

We all found our hats and put our sunscreen on and headed outside. Joining with our friends from Babies 2 we all sat in a circle.

Celebrating National Reconciliation today for our activity we be exploring Aboriginal dot painting with our babies. We as educators consistently strive to engage children in respectful conversations and activities designed to increase awareness and understanding of Aboriginal cultures.

National Reconciliation Week is a time to reflect on our acknowledgement of country the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures – our shared cultures and achievements in Australia.

Joining with our friends in Babies 2 we all sat in a circle together. Using yellow, red, and black paint, cotton tips and paint brushes and our baby dolls we all explored dot painting together. Respect for Aboriginal culture and the art of dot painting as a story telling technique is the basis of this experience with children.

We were all engaged as we demonstrated our artistic abilities with dot painting not only with the dolls but ourselves as well, it was very messy but  lots of fun sharing this experience together.

After we cleaned up, we enjoyed exploring the yard, the soft blocks were very popular today. We built tall towers together and giggled as we knocked them down, rolling around sharing laughter with our friends.

Time for lunch!! We all headed inside and clean up all the paint off our hands washing with soap and water. We all then sat down for our lunch. Mel closed the blinds and settled us with some soft relaxing music as we all drifted off to sleep.

We have had a very busy, messy but fun day today!!

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xxx