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Hallo from babies three room!

We started our day with the delicious morning tea in Babies three room this morning. As soon as they finished their lovely morning tea they walked to Miss Gabi where she was siting on the floor with girls favourite book, “The very hungry caterpillar” and reading the story to the girls. Girls were listening the story very concentrated and patiently to hear how much food the very hungry caterpillar had and then at the end to see how beautiful butterfly he become. Girls love this story, Miss Gabi chose a very good book to read to the girls. We said Thank you and bye bye to Miss Gabi then we danced on our morning music, but the girls couldn’t wait to go outside for a play. Millie, Alia, Poppy and Lara climbed and walked on the obstacle course showing how good they holding their balance and how great climbers they are. Well done girls! Poppy and Millie were playing together trowing the ball to each other, they were doing so good with trowing and catching the ball, the girls laughed and giggled while playing. All girls also enjoyed to pop up bubbles trying to catch them jumping high.

For craft today we make Easter card were girls used Easter stickers and feathers to decorate their cards. We extend our craft time and all girls matched coloured pom poms on the paper plate with coloured circles. Blue, pink, yellow and green pom poms they sticked to the right circles.

As every day all girls practiced how properly wash and dry hands.

Today we read two different book for our story time that girls chose, “Each, Peach, Pear, Plum” and “Muddy Paws Day at the Farm”, all girls enjoyed our stories today, they love to chose the books for our story time.

Love Miss Jelena xx