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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we all gathered in babes 1 room for a big play before separating into our own room. Lincoln and Abel played nicely together in our new shop picking out food and practising colours. Millie, Ivy and Lara had fun at our dinosaurs table setup and Ariana played with our doctors equipment. We also had set up blocks with colourful windows, new trains and train tracks, kitchen to cook the foods, babies with their new clothes and animal books and puzzles.

Then we had morning tea, today we had pancakes with watermelon and orange.

After morning tea we went outside for a big play, Lincoln, Abel, Millie and Lara went straight to the side with the bikes, lawn mowers and wheel burrows, Ariana and Ivy went straight to the sandpit. We also went to the big yard for a run around and to climb the obstacles. Then we ventured over to the Toddlers yard and had a climb through their big net obstacle, went down the slides, played in the bark area and rode their big bikes. We had so much fun in their yard we didn’t want to leave.

We then went inside and washed our hands and sat at the table for lunch. Today for lunch we had yummy rice and fish curry that everyone ate all of with fresh veggies.

It was then time for a big rest, everyone was so tired from our big morning. This afternoon we will have afternoon tea and have a big afternoon play before we get picked up.

Thankyou babies for a wonderful and adventurous day.

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia