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Hello families, Welcome to Thursday in babies 3.

Our day began inside, Halle was the first to arrive. Miss Mel had crayons and paper set up on the table. Halle instantly headed over and sat down, picking up a crayon and began making a masterpiece. Miss Mel drew a sun and a flower, when Mel asked Halle where the flower was she pointed straight to it, Halle also pointed to the sun. Well done Halle you are so clever!!

It wasn’t long before our friend Augie arrived, he was a little unsettled, we waved by to mummy and then Mel pulled out the bubbles, Halle and Augie cased them around the room.

Avery arrived and began exploring her environment. She made a nice cup of tea for Mel and then ventured over to to the stacking blocks and puzzles

Avery joined her friends at the table where they began to build towers together with the new wooden blocks. Stacking the blocks up and knocking them over is one of our babies favourite activities. We always share so many giggles.

For group time today Miss Melinda brought in a very special touch feely Hungry Caterpillar sensory book in for our babies to investigate, Our friend Delilah arrived just in time. We sat on the mat and took turns at feeling all the different textures. Delilah loved the feel of the lions fur, stroking her fingers back and fourth. We all loved the beautiful butterfly at the end, Halle said “wow!!” as she reached out to touch it.

There was lots of exploring our new learning environment today. Delilah also loved our wagon full of blocks, pulling it around the room. Peyton arrived with lots of cuddles before settling down to enjoy yummy morning tea, yummy Peyton, you are enjoying feeding yourself Peyton, you did such a great job!!

We will be focusing on helping our babies feel safe, secure and supported during the next few weeks as they begin to settle and become more familiar with their surroundings and form strong bonds with their educators. If you haven’t already we would love our families to bring in a family photo for our family tree. This gives them a sense of belonging as they love pointing and recognizing their mummy’s and daddy’s. Today August looked up at our tree and with a great big smile he said “mumma” and copied his friend saying “dadda”.

We have had a lovely day today with our babies.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Dominique xxx