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Hello families, welcome to Thursday in Babie’s 3,

This morning we welcomed Winston, Daris, Bella, Valencia, Isla, Parker, and Matthew

Our morning began is Babies 2 as we waited for all our friends and Educators to arrive for the day. Winston, Isla and Daris took turns playing with the bead maze. Parker was throwing and chasing the ball around the room and Bella sat in the dolls cradle nursing a dolly. Home corner was also popular with our friends exploring Babies 2’s Kitchen.  Miss Mel arrived, and we headed over to our room to play with toys of interest.

Daris, Isla and Winston headed straight over to explore the indigenous instruments. Parker over to the retro phone, picked up the handset and began chatting away. Winston joined his friend, and they shared the conversation by passing the handset to each other, saying “hello” then passing it back again. Winston then engaged in play over at the dolls house with Daris, moving the furniture and people figurines around to all the different rooms. Isla and Bella were cooking in home corner4, Bella pretended to wash her hand before she picked up a bowl and spoon and began eating her imaginary food. Winston and Daris joined their friends in the kitchen however the mirrors caught their eye and it turned into a fun game of pulling faces and laughing at our reflections.

Valencia and Isla had some quite time together looking through books, Winston and Daris who were very social today also joined in and they all sat together pointing and sharing what they could see and touch with their educators. Winston pointed to a cat, looked up at Mel and said “meow”.

We cleaned our room up to our clean up song, washed our hands and settled down at the table for morning tea, today we enjoyed Quinoa Porridge.

After morning tea Miss Mel set up some fine motor play on the mat. Isla was first to finish eating and excitedly crawled over and began demonstrating her fine motor and hand/eye coordination buy pushing down the levers on the pop up toy, stacking the rings on top of one another on the ring stacker5 and building a tower with the blocks. Isla clapped herself every time she did it, very proud of herself. Daris was next over to the mat his favourite was the spinning toy, he used his concentration however at times became frustrated as he was placing the rings on top, with lots of encouragement from Mel we did it!! He also loved stacking block towers and the pop up toy. As did Parker, Bella and Winston. Matthew spent a lot of time placing the rings on the ring stacker, using his concentration and a steady hand.

It was time for group dancing. Parker yelled “Shark, Shark” Valencia and Winston joined in. Baby Shark it was with lots of laughter and twirling we did all the actions. Mel then stopped the music and we all named and pointed to our heads, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. We then played the song and did the actions together naming all our body parts. Another class favourite is “Sleeping Bunnies” everyone laid down sleeping like bunnies and when it came time for the bunnies to wake up, we all jumped and hopped around the room. Matthew particularly loves this one!!

Continuing our celebration of Naidoc Week today we had joint activity planned with our friends in Babies 2. We put our sunscreen on and found our hats and excitedly ventured outside, eager to see what we could explore. There was an earth Themed sensory tray with rice, shells, shredded paper, dirt, rocks, and bark. Winston, Daris and Matthew loved this experience, feeling the dirt between their fingers and tossing it about. Winston thought it was very funny to place the shredded paper5 on his head, Mathew then copied his friend, sharing giggles together. Parker, Valencia, Isla and Bella also enjoyed the sensory tray. Our babies have been loving the indigenous musical instruments, so we set them up outside. We all enjoyed making our own music. Miss Otavia played “Tuba Nuba” and a variety of Indigenous songs to play our instruments to.

A few of us explored the yard for a short time, drawing on the chalkboard and going down the slide before it was time to go inside and clean up for lunch. Today we had roast veggie, avocado, and pesto grills

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with some indoor play. Depending on the weather we may head back outside to continuing exploring our outside environment and bubble play.

Thank you for a wonderful Thursday babies,

See you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia xx