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Good afternoon from Babies Three room!

Our beautiful day we started this morning with lovely and delicious morning tea where all children feed themselves using spoons for the yummy custard. Doctor set is very popular at the moment they all played cheeking their babies temperature, giving some medication and injections to their babies. Alia cheeked her baby’s heart bits saying that her baby is good, not sick.

We had so much fun playing outdoors in the sand pit digging, Lincoln was digging with big digger and loading the truck. Alia, Millie, Lincoln and Lara take turns to crawl through the tunnel chasing each other they had loads of laugh and giggle. Lincoln was pushing Millie on the police car while Alia and Lara choose to go on the pushing bikes.

We’re going on a bear hunt is the book that Alia choose for our reading time today.

Thank you all for the lovely Easter presents!

Happy Easter! Stay safe everyone see you next week!

Love Miss Jelena xx