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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we enjoyed a play in B2 yard, we love to climb then climbing frames, ride the bikes, sing songs with our educators and slide down the slide. We then went to our room for morning tea. After morning tea we ventured out to our yard for a morning play before it got too hot. We twisted out the water from towels and cleaned the walls, poured water from cup to cup, zoomed the boats through the water and swim the sea animals. We also used water in a bucket with paintbrushes to paint the windows. Some friends climbed the new obstacle, crawled through the tunnel, rocked on the sea saw, dug in the sandpit or rode the bikes while other read books in our quiet area. We had a visit from a fire truck stopping by the centre today, the children all loved to look at it, it was very loud. We then came inside to participate in aboriginal dot painting on a digeridoo. We then had free choice play inside before lunch, we read books, made animal noises, role played in home corner and built with blocks. After lunch we went off to sleep. This afternoon we will have afternoon tea and a fun afternoon play before home time.

Thankyou friends for a beautiful day.
Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia

Note: unfortunately due to technical fault we have lost our photos from the day, however we would love to share photos of our set up today so you can see the fun activities we enjoyed.