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Good afternoon Babies 3 parents,

Today we had indoor/outdoor play for the children, outside we had so much fun with the bikes, with the children learning to climb on the bikes, push them, take turns with our friends, this is great for exploration with gross motor skills and building friendships with eachother.

The children are really starting to recognize who is who in the room as Mel and Dom are always saying the children’s names and explaining in words they understand what we are doing.

As an example if its time for us to stop and have a drink of water more often than not, one child hands out the drink bottles to their friend and their friends acknowledge and say thank you.

Such a small notion of learning kindness and recognizing each other’s names but its all the little steps that make up the big ones.

Inside play today we had hand and finger painting which the children really loved, we are always bringing art into the classroom for the children as it’s an incredible way for the children to self express, especially with all the different emotions they feel.

We hope you had a lovely day and if we miss you in the afternoons or mornings we have a communication book out on the front desk if you have anything that you need or want us to know.

Thank you,

Miss Dominique and MIss Mel