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Hello from Babies Three room!

Millie, Orion and Alia played with ocean creature puzzles and book at the table this morning. Millie found matching octopus puzzle and she showed puzzle to her friends, then Alia found a crab and showed to her friends that she found matching puzzle as well. They were so interested in this play that they took farm animals to play as well and to find matching animals at the book.

Outdoor play is always so much fun, they played in a tent where everyone were sitting and giggling. Poppy, Millie, Orion and Alia were playing on the push bikes and pushing trollies, then Millie and Poppy went on the obstacle course to do balancing. The children shared fun with their little friends from other room, sharing and taking turns on the toys.

For our story time we choose “The very itchy bear” book to read and we decided to read the story outside, where everyone took the spot on the green mat and get ready to listen our story.

We had a lovely day!

Love Miss Jelena xx