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Hello from Babies 3 room!

We started our sunny morning creating a music by playing various instruments. Ariana and Isabella took some instruments and enjoyed to play music, Ruby hear that and run to the table to have turn. They were so proud of themselves how creative they are. Avery played at the table with train moving trains around on the track. Augie and Ariana were playing in home corner with dolls house and dolls moving them around the house and pretend that they are having dinner, Ariana put the dolls to seat at the small chairs saying “dinner time”, Augie laugh and giggle. All our friends had a paper and pencils and they did some drawing and scribbling, before we all went outdoors for a play. We enjoyed to climb obstacle courses, rock on see-saw, slide down slide, push trollies and lawn mowers, but most important thing we all enjoyed sun and fresh air before lunch time. After yummy lunch our friends are having sleep and rest to be ready for afternoon play. We really enjoyed our day with so much fun!

Love Miss Talia, Miss Jess and Miss Jena xx