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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

Today we started the morning with a brand new room set up. We have a home corner area where the we can dress up the babies, feed them, change their nappies, buy food from a stall and cook it in the kitchen. We have an animal set up, farm animals, dinosaurs and safari animals and sea animals in the water. we have building blocks, blocks with windows, we have transport with cars and trains, puzzles, books, musical instruments and doctors. This morning all our friends explored different areas.

Then we had morning tea. This morning we had fruit bread with fresh fruit.

After morning tea we ventured out to the big yard where we had set up mats for yoga. This Saturday is national yoga day and what a fun way to celebrate by trying so poses. Today we learnt downward dog, snake, touching our toes and lying on our back feet up and trying to catch our feet. We had so much fun wobbling around and laughing. Orion, Bella, Ariana and Ruby also loved playing in the sandpit. Millie and Ivy enjoyed hiding in the circus tent and Nikora Loved the bikes. Outside we also had fun on our favourite at the moment sliding down the slide.

We then went inside and washed our hands ready for lunch. Today we had chicken noodle soup with salad.

After lunch we went off to rest. This afternoon we will have some yummy afternoon tea and a big afternoon play.

Thankyou friends for a fun day!

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia