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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we enjoyed a free choice play, some friends enjoyed role playing with the babies patting them or rocking them to sleep, taking them to the doctors, feeding them and carrying them and saying ‘shh’ to settle them. Some friends enjoyed books, blocks, cars, animals and our train table. As a group today we opened our new toy which is a wooden ferries wheel. All children loved watching it and having a turn at carefully spinning it. We also enjoyed our milk and food colouring experiment for science week.

Outside today was very warm so we practiced our hat song ‘No hat, No play, No fun today, Oh-oh (name) let’s play safe today’ as we went around picking up our hats and putting them back on. The children are really getting better at keeping them on now. We also loved our sensory activity with cold, wet sand and our dinosaurs, riding bikes, sand pit building and digging, climbing the obstacle, connecting the Lego blocks and racing up and down the yard.

For morning tea today we had mini muffins and watermelon, lunch was yummy falafels with cous cous and salad. After a much needed big rest we will have afternoon tea and a fun afternoon play.

What a beautiful day we have had, thankyou friends.
Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia