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Hello families, welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3,

Today we welcomed Isla, Winston, Bella, Parker, Valencia, Mathew, Adeleine and Jhye with lots of cuddles as they settled in for the morning.

Our babies engaged in lots of role playing in our room today. Parker picked up the toy mobile phone and proceeded to walk around the room as she chatted away. Mel asked Parker who she was talking to. Parker replied “mummy”. Parker then began playing with the wooden rainbow. Using her imagination Parker turned one of the arches into a phone too. Her friend Winston joined in, and they chatted to one another through their rainbow phones. Winston joined Adeleine over in home corner placing the toy food into the sink. Adeleine was holding a bowl and spoon, pretending to feed herself some breakfast. Isla was also holding onto a bow and spoon mixing it all about.  Bella was playing with the dolls, placing a dolly into the highchair, and giving her a bottle. Adeleine spent a lot of time with the dollies too, she found a dummy for her dolly and walked around holding the dummy up to her dolls mouth as she cuddled her. Parker also had a turn placing the dummy into her dolls mouth, she then headed over to the dolls corner where she tucked the doll into bed while Winston was chatting on the telephone. Jhye was over engaged in play on the car mat, rolling the cars down the ramp and driving them across the mat

.Jhye and Adeleine and Parker practiced their concentration and hand/eye coordination placing the discs onto the spinning toy, watching each disc spin around and around until it reached the bottom. We are still learning to share and take turns. With Mel’s encouragement we all waited patiently for our turn. The sensory Blocks were popular this morning. Bella, Jhye, Winston and Adeleine holding them up to their eyes so they could see the different colours.  Mel asked her friends what colour they could see. Bella said “Purple!!” Awfully close Bella, its green Mel said. Bella repeated Mel “ohhh green” Mel went on to name all the colours as we looked through each block. Jhye also enjoyed playing with the pop up toy.

Bella and Parker began pulling out the musical instruments. Parker was banging on the drum and Bella was shaking the tambourine. Winston and Jhye soon joined in, and we had a little Babies 3 band. Beating along to their own music. Bella then yelled out “Bunnies Mel!” We all gathered on the floor to lay down just like the sleeping bunnies and jumping up and hopping all around the room just like in the song. Isla loves joining in now, she stands up and bops away on the spot with the biggest smile and loves laying down with all her friends during sleeping bunny.  We love sleeping bunnies, it’s one of our favourites. We continued dancing to “open shut them”, “Baby shark” and “head shoulders knees and toes” Jhye, Bella and Winston were very enthusiastic when doing the actions and pointing to their different body parts. After dancing it was time for morning tea. Today we enjoyed  apple, chia and date pancakes

After morning tea our friends Valencia and Matthew arrived for the day. We all headed outside to explore while we waited for our Bugkidz incursion to start. Adeleine and Bella ventured straight over to the sand pit digging up the sand. Valencia grabbed a bucket and began filling it with assorted items as she walked around the yard and Jhye was busy mowing the yard. Parker was riding the fire engine. Matthew and Adeleine also sat quietly in book corner looking through stories together.

We all headed over to Toddlers 1 and sat down to watch the show, we were so excited and curious as to what we were going to see. Miss Lea was there all dressed up and began telling a story all about bugs and our environment. It was about connecting with nature and there was lots of dancing too. We loved the dancing and we especially loved when Miss Lea brought out the pretend cow, we all wanted to touch it. Winston and Jhye were yelling “moo, moo!!” Parker loved the dancing and was up on-stage holding hands and dancing with her friend Charli from Toddlers 1. This show was all about bringing environmental awareness to the world around us. We all did our absolute best to listen and pay attention. Miss Mel and Miss Otavia were very proud of our little friends.

We headed back to our room for group time. Miss Mel read “Giraffes Can’t Dance” We love this story. We especially love looking at all the different animals we can see. Parker pointed to the tigers and made the tiger sound. Winston found the monkey’s and said “oh, oh, ah, ah”. We also spoke abo9ut how giraffes have long necks.

After we finished the story, we sang and did the actions to some of our favourite nursery rhymes. Matthew loves nursery rhymes and always joins in doing the actions with his friends. It was then time to wash our hands and head over to the table.

Just before we had our lunch Miss Lea walked into our room to show us up close and personal some different types of bugs. We were a little apprehensive but also very intrigued. There was a stick insect and a snail. We all had a chance to have a close look and touch if we wanted to. We were happier to just look.

Our lunch today was spaghetti bolognese. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music

Our afternoon play was child led with some outdoor play. Once it becomes too cool, we will head back inside to continue exploring toys of interest.

Thank you for a wonderful Tuesday babies, see you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia xxxxxx