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Hello families, welcome to Tuesday in Babie’s 3,

Today we welcomed Winston, Adeleine, Isla, Bella, Jhye, Matthew and Valencia with lots of cuddles as they settled into their learning environment.

We all headed outside to explore Babies’ 1 yard. Adeleine was having fun throwing and chasing the ball and mowing the lawn. Isla was demonstrating her gross motor skills climbing up and over the green bridge. Winston and Bella were also busy climbing over on the wooden stairs. We then ventured back inside to Babies 2 as it began to rain.

Set up on the table was the spinning toy, this toy is great for helping develop their fine motor skills. Winston, Jhye, Valencia, Isla and Adeleine practiced taking turns. Placing each disc on top and watching each on spin to it reached the bottom. Winston and Bella spent lots of time this morning playing with the pop-up toy, pushing the levers down and using the strength in their hands to pop them back up again.

Today Isla brought in the book “Dear Zoo” she arrived dressed as a cute lion from the story. Jhye brough in a book called “Noisy Farm” Jhye looked adorable in overalls, dressed up as the farmer in the story. Winston came a trades man in his bright orange vest, Matthew was a scary pirate.  Valencia began doing some cooking in home corner with some of her friends from Babies’ 2. Jhye and Isla were looking at each other’s books they brought in and took them over to show Miss Otavia.

We pulled out the dress ups and Adeleine became a beautiful princess, in her very pretty dress Adeleine sat engaged over3 on the car mat, pushing the cars down the ramp. Jhye decided he wanted to be a fire man as he explores the room with toys of interest. Adeleine and Bella sat with the dolls who were having a tea party, Role playing Bella picked up a dolls brush and began brushing the dolls hair. Adeleine mimicked her friend by doing the same. They then fed the dolls some yummy play food.

It was time to pack away all our toys. Miss Mel played the clean-up song, and we all did the best we could in helping to clean up. We sat on the mat and Miss Mel sung “Bee, bee bumble bee” as we all took turns meeting Miss Otavia in the bathroom to assist us in washing our hands for morning tea. We all then sat at the table beautifully where Mel handed out all our waters so we could have a big drink while waiting for morning tea. This morning we had homemade beans and sourdough Turkish and banana.

During Morning Tea Mel played Incy Wincy spider as our friends have been loving the book and the rhyme. Bella, in the clearest voice sung most of the words, all our friends did the actions and kept asking for “more” We played it a few times and then Bella requested “Sleeping Bunnies” We all laid down in the sleeping position waiting for the song to start. Valencia was holding her finger up to her mouth saying “shhhh” When it was time for the bunnies to wake, we all jumped up and bounced around the room singing and laughing together. It became a dance party. We also did the actions to “If your happy and you know it” (Matthew’s favourite) “Open, Shut them” and our last dance was to, yes you guessed it “Baby Shark” Our babies love running to the door and back when it gets the the “runaway” part of the song.

It was time for group time, today we joined with Babies 2 once again to read the special books our friends brought in today. Miss Mel sat on the mat with all her friends and read “Dear Zoo” this wat Isla’s book. Isla sat on Mel’s lap as Mel read. We all loved the book, especially the part when we must find the animal the Zoo sent us, the anticipation and curiosity as to what animal it would be??? Bella loved yelling out a few guesses. At one stage she yelled “snail” so close Bella, it was a slippery slimy snake. We look turns revealing each animal. Our babies listened well and were engaged.

We then read Jhye’s book called “Noisy Farm” Jhye was dressed as the farmer on the farm. Jhye sat with Mel as she read. This was a similar book where our friends could find what animals were making the noise on the farm. We all took turns looking for baby animals. Winston loved the piglets, he began making the piggy sound “oink, oink”.

We also sat while Miss Tatiane read a few stories that our friends from babies 2 brought in to share, we did so well however we were beginning to lose concentration.

Extending on our interest in Incy Wincy Mel set up a sensory tray with cobwebs, spiders, magnifying glasses, and a few other insects for our babies to explore. Our friends weren’t too sure about the cobweb, it stuck to our fingers and was stringy and had a funny texture. Matthew, Winston, Valencia, Bella, Jhye, Adeleine and Isla sat investigating the insects which also were assorted textures. Adeleine wasn’t too sure about them, either was Bella. Some were smooth, some rough and spikey.

We said goodbye to our friends in Babies too and came back to our room for an art activity. We were going to make our owns spiders using our handprints. Using purple paint and white paper. Jhye, Matthew, Valencia, Isla, Bella, Winston and Adeleine all sat down at the table excitedly. Pouring a big dob of purple paint onto a paper plate one by one our friends dipped their hands into the cold sticky paint to create their very own Incy Wincy spider. Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia were so very proud as our babies waited so eagerly and patiently for their turns. We sung Incy Wincy over and over during the activity. It was lots of fun, and all our friends were very proud of the spiders they created.

transitioning to lunch we sung “Bee bee bumble bee” and met Mel in the bathroom to assist us as we demonstrated our self help skills by washing our hands. Miss Otavia cleaned the table and we all sat back down again to enjoy a rainbow sushi bowl and salad.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences.

Thank you for such a fun day of dressing up as some of our favourite book charactors and listening to so many wonderful stories. We have had a jammed packed day of so many fun activities.

See you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia xxxx