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Welcome to yet another amazing day here in Babies three!  We started the morning off exploring our variety of toys, we had Orion and cooper immediately drawn to home corner, where they used their imagination to make all kinds of yummy food for Miss Talia, chocolate cake being there favourite 😊

On the other hand we had Ruby, Bella, Rosie and Jackson drawn to the books, exploring the variety of books from, counting, colours and textures. Their favourite book being ‘Were going on a bear hunt’ really sparked their interested and imagination 😊

Later throughout the day, we ventured outside to get some much-needed sunlight and fresh air on this beautiful Tuesday. We as a group went straight to the obstacle course were, we found ourselves climbing ladders, walking beams, riding the seahorses and playing soccer, which is a great way to stimulate their gross motor skills 😊

Not long later, we ventured to the sandpit where we found ourselves making sandcastles, and making imaginary food with the sand, and buckets on offer. We also incorporated some creative sensory play into the children’s day, painting sparking the most interested with the kids. We continued to paint some special father’s day presents for our amazing parents, which the kids absolutely loved doing 😊

As the afternoon rolls around, we enjoyed some indoor outdoor play, allowing the children too choose for themselves what they would like to do, whether that be fun inside, or fun outside that is entirely up to them!

Overall, today in Babies Three we have had an adventurous day with continuous smiles and laugher for our Tuesday, with many more to come throughout the week 😊

Love Miss Talia and Miss Yelena x