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Hello families, welcome to our day in babies 3.

Our morning began in the babies 2 room while we waited for all our friends to arrive. Halle, Charlie, Liz and Parker were our first friends here, We shared lots of cuddles as they explored the room.

We would like to officially welcome our newest little friend Adeleine. Adeleine has had a few play dates with us over the last few weeks and today is her very first day. Wow!! Are we proud of you Adeleine!! You did so well. There were a few tears on and off throughout the morning however you engaged in play. You loved the dollies especially. We watched as you role played by nursing them and feeding them a bottle. You participated in our fine motor activity. Watching the birdies settled you when you were a little unsure. However you happily explored  your new  inside and outside learning environments with your educators and friends for most of the morning. Welcome to our Babie’s’ 3 family.

Halle also spent time with the baby dolls, feeding and putting her dolly to sleep in the bassinet.  Liz was also role playing over in home corning using the oven mit and spoon, Lizzy was cooking. Charlie, Adeleine and Halle sat with the fine motor activity we did yesterday, threading the pipe cleaners through the beads. Parker walked over to the animal table. Mel asked Parker where the Cow was? With a big smile Parker held the cow up high so Mel could see.

It was time to clean up to our “clean up” song. We all helped to pack away our toys and washed our hands. Valencia and Luna arrived just in time for our yummy morning tea. We then cleaned up and headed outside to explore.

As we are focusing on fine motor this week Mel  planned another fun activity using colourful pom pom balls and Whisks.

This pompom whisk activity is simple and only requires 2 items. This activity encourages fine motor skills (using the small muscles of the hands and fingers) by requiring your baby to use a pincer grasp (thumb and pointer finger together) to pull out the pompoms.

Liz, Adeleine, Halle, Parker, Luna, Valencia, and Charlie used their concentration and hand/eye coordination as they carefully pulled the pom poms out.  Charlie said, “wow Nessa!”. After a while both Halle and Charlie became a little impatient and began shaking the whisks, it works faster then pulling them out one by one.

We continued to explore our outside environment; the sandpit and Chalk board was very popular today, we even decorated the sensory tub with our drawing. It was lots of fun!!

It was time to head back inside to clean up for lunch.  We said goodbye to Adeleine, we cannot wait to play with you again on Friday!! We then all sat down for our yummy lunch, Mel pulled the blinds down and played some soft relaxing music as we finished up and laid down on our beds, drifting off to sleep. This afternoon we will head back outside to explore and Mel will bring out the bubbles!! Yay we love bubble play!!

We have had such a fun day exploring, meeting new friends, and practicing our fine motor skills.

We will see you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xxxxx