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Good afternoon Dear Families from Babies Three room!

Orion, Rosie, Ruby and Bella played very nicely choosing toys and activities on their own interests. Orion choose farm animals puzzles and seat on the floor to find all pieces, Ruby and Bella joined as well and they all together finished the puzzles. Rosie took the baby and pretended to put baby to bed fixing the pillow and blanket. Rosie shared puzzle play with Ruby after others give them turn. Ruby spotted farm animals on the shelf, she took them all and put on the floor where all friends seat and play with farm animals toys making noise of each animal.

Millie and Alia arrived just before morning tea, all children take one of the chairs and they seat calm to enjoyed lovely fruit and porridge for morning tea. As soon as we finished we all went outdoors for a run. Orion, Millie, Bella, Alia, Rosie and Ruby had a turns on the seesaws, pushing bikes and pushing trollies before we set up craft table. Miss Jess helped everyone to decorate Mother’s Day card for their mums using small piece of colourful paper, fathers, love hearts and stars. The children really enjoyed and they were very creative.

We had a lovely day

Love Miss Jess & Miss Jelena xx