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Good morning Babie’s 3 families, welcome to our day,

Our morning began over in Babies 2 room while we we waited for some of our friends to arrive. Winston enjoyed some strawberries on arrival today. Once he was finished, he began exploring the room. He sat with the mirrored blocks and instigated a game of peek a boo with Mel, sharing lots of giggles together. He also investigated the sensory dinosaur tiles saying “ROAR!!” in a big loud voice when Mel aske what sound does a dinosaur make?” He also sat looking through the Zebra book. Parker, Isla, Jhye and Adeleine arrived, and we decided to head over to our room.

Today we are focusing on helping our new friends feel safe, secure, and supported as they are settling into their new learning environment. Lots of cuddles, free play and toys of interest.

Wow, there was a new toy to explore!! As our babies have been loving the cars, ramps, and tunnels lately Mel brought in a brand-new car racetrack!! We were all very excited!! Taking turns with the encouragement from our educators we all had a turn of using our hand/eye coordination to place a race car onto the track and watch it roll all the way to the bottom, tracking it with our eyes the whole way down.

Miss Otavia and Miss Mel observed lots of role playing this morning. Bella and Winston were saying hello to their mummies and daddies on the toy phone. Winston held it up to Mel’s ear so she could say hi to mummy too.  Feeding our baby dolls was of interest this morning. Parker and Winston enjoyed giving their babies bottles and patting them to sleep. Adeleine has taken a liking to our rooms soft blue teddy bear, Adeleine gave teddy a bottle too then picked teddy up for big cuddles.

While we were exploring toys of choice Mel played a few of our favourite songs. We listened to “head, shoulders, knees and toes”, “Wheels on the bus”, “Baby Shark” and lots more. We all dance around the room sharing our best dance moves as we were playing, especially when our favourite song Baby Shark came on!!

It was time to clean up all our toys to our “Clean up” song. When the song began to play Parker yelled “Clean-up” We all did our best to help pack away all our toys. We then washed our hands and sat down at the table for morning tea. After morning tea, we continued exploring our inside environment. Bella sat with the pop-up toy, trying her hardest to manipulate the levers and buttons to make the animals pop.

Jhye loves the spinning flowers on our sliding door, spinning them around and around. Jhye found a toy cow and brought it over to Mel saying “moo” off he went and brought back another cow for Mel. Mel pulled all the animals off the shelf, and we practiced the sounds of each one together. Isla was busy pulling up on all the furniture, she reached for the sensory jars, pulled them down and began shaking them and looking closely at all the different colours. Isla also spent time on the car mat with Valencia, pushing the cars and trucks around.

Miss Otavia read the Tractor sensory book to Winston, Parker, Bella, Valencia who were very interested in the story and touching and feeling all the different textures of the book.

The slide was very popular this morning as was book corner. Isla pushed herself around the yard, holding onto the fire engine or the walker as she explored. She then climbed into a sensory tub and began posing. Miss Otavia asked Isla if she was having a bath? She looked up and Otavia and smiled. Mathew shared lots of smiles as he slid down the slide, very impressed with himself. He did this over and over, taking turns with his friends. Miss Otavia took Winston for a little slide in the sensory tub, he was giggling the whole time, saying “Weeee!!” It was lots of fun.

Jhye enjoyed pretending he was in a car, spinning the steering wheel round and round, looking back at Mel smiling. We shared laughter as he bounced away on the donkey. Mel sung “everybody bouncing”. Parker joined in the fun and bounced away on the donkey too. Mel was showing Parker and Valencia how to take turns throwing the ball to one another. Parker kept running off with the ball saying mine!! We will continue to practice our sharing skills. Adeleine was throwing a smaller ball to Mel, she loved chasing it around the yard. Bella, Valencia and Jhye built huge towers with the soft blocks, every time they knocked them down Jhye would cover his mouth and say, “Oh no” and then built another one.

Just before it was time to head inside for our lunch, we had a spontaneous group time. Miss Crystal sat with all our friends from babies 2 and 3 and read the “ABC” book.

It was then time to head inside and clean up for our lunch, lower the blinds ready to settle down for our naps,

Thank you babies for a wonderful Tuesday full of exploring our environments, stories, dancing and bonding with your educators.

We will see you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxx