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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we had an indoor outdoor play. Inside we had cars, kitchen and food stall, doctors, animals and books. Outside we had bikes, lawn mowers, wheel burrows, sandpit play and balls.

After that we sat at the table for morning tea. Today we had fresh fruit and coconut cookies.

Then we went outside for a big play enjoying the fresh air. Nikora Loved the bikes and pushers, Ariana and Ruby enjoyed the sandpit, Ivy had fun hiding in the circus tent with the babies. Orion, Millie and Bella loved to sing and dance. We also brought out the playdoh that everyone loves to play with and some insects that the children got to press into the playdoh then life up to see the pattern it makes. This was a great activity that everyone got involved in.

We then went inside to was our hands ready for lunch. Today we had yummy chicken pasta soup with a slice of bread and veggies.

It was then time for a big well deserved rest to re gain our energy for the afternoon.

Thankyou babies 3 for a lovely day.

Love from Miss Jelena and Miss Talia